Max Power Bolster Face and Body Refrigeration System
0 a 200w Yes With refrigerant gas
Power Control Frequency Emission Time
Manual or automatic 4Mhz. For 4 Issuers 10, 20 o 30 sec.
Monopolar Systen Power Consume
Yes 220/100W - 50/60 Hz 300W
Weight Dimensions
18 Kg. Width: 45 cm
Height: 14 cm
Large: 43cm
Dermadeep Plus is a facial and body radiofrequency device with embedded cooling. It operates at 4mhts frequency within 200 watts maximum power. A capacitive monopolar system, that includes a neutral plate to extend the thermal effect, when required. This device provides high temperature to the deep layer of the dermis, while keeping the skin surface cool by means of a cooling fluid automatically controlled by a series of sensors.

It has 4 heads, one body head and 3 facial heads. One BIPOLAR head positioned over the surface for upper and lower eyelids, and the other one, a CIRCUNVALENTE MULTIPOLAR head, has an electronic system that changes polarity or contact points 2.5 million times/sec producing a rotation effect which stimulates hard to reach fine wrinkles with low power, such as, the “bar code” zone of the upper lip and the “crow’s feet”; it may also be used for facial marks and body stretch marks. The remaining monopolar heads include all radiofrequencies in only one device.
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