Power Control Frequency Stability Time Meter
Continuous between 0 and 150W 3 parts per 1000 6 digits LCD Display
Work Frequency Max Power Power Led
56 Khz. 100W 10 Vertical led bars
Power Control Max Power Frequency
Automatic 100W 4MHz.
Monopolar Systen
Power Control Power Indicator Connection
Switch to pedal Audible Signal Clamps
Power Dimensions Weight
220 VAC.
(opc. 110 VAC.)
50/60 HZ
Height: 14 cm.
Width: 42 cm.
Large: 43 cm.
12 Kg.
Ultracavitation Unit
The Ultracavitacion Unit treats localized fat incorporating radiofrequency.

The unit combats fat cells through ultrasound waves.

Using a new generation Ultracavitation Generator allows restricting and focusing the working area with high power, permitting to achieve the awaited effects in a few sessions.

In combination with the radiofrequency also allows skin’s reaffirmation, stimulating microcirculation and lymphatic drainage for best results.


Adiposity reduction in abdomen, thighs, hips, knees, arms, figure remodelling, fat localized area and outline reduction.
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