Carboxide Control
CO2 is an excellent tool to treat cellulites, localized fat, sagging skin, post-liposuction treatment, infra-orbital fat, jawls and the like.
This revolutionary device to control infusion flux of CO2 for Carboxi technique is a success as it provides information and safety. The professional and the technique are the most important factors, as it has been demonstrated.
All current devices on the market are intended to control infusion flux. We have developed Carboxide with that goal in mind, including our appreciation of physicians work.
The device contains an electrical system with a microprocessor, which includes:

• A high-sensible digital sensor that registers CO2’s infusion speed
• A microprocessor that includes the software that makes the calculation and shows it on the display
• An instantaneous current flux control
• Infusion volume with respect to each application and to the whole treatment session

In addition, the system allows prior programming of volume and duration of each application. When the volume or time set is up, the system will warn the operator. The flux control allows variations of 10-300 ml per minute. Over 120 ml per minute, a double device can be used for two infusions simultaneously.
Carboxi has diverse advantages:
• Practical: small dimensions suitable for use in the doctor’s office.
• Portable: the unit can be carried around
• Safe: flux control is completely safe and accurate
• Informative: back Light display easy to read
• Certified by ANVISA # 80286000005

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